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How to Measure a Dog for a Jacket

To ensure that we provide you with the best possible fit for your dog’s maximum comfort, we ask that you take measurements as shown below before selecting your size option. Please do so with a measuring tape, and have your dog standing up during this process. If your dog is uniquely shaped (such as Greyhounds, Boxers, Dobermans, etc.) please use the second image presented here for a custom creation, whereby you will provide us with these 4 measurements rather than selecting a standard size option.

measure dog jacket


The size of your dog’s chest, at the widest point, which is generally found directly behind the front legs or the thickest part of the body. Wrap the tape measure around your dog’s ribcage.


This is taken around the dog’s neck where their collar would naturally sit. Measure the circumference of his neck.


This is from the base of the neck (where their collar sits) to the start of the tail (not to the tip of the tail).


The size of your dog’s stomach, at its thinnest point, which is generally found almost directly in front of the back legs or the thinnest part of the body.



Size Neck Chest Length
XX-Small 22cm 60cm 29cm
X-Small 32cm 70cm 30.5cm
Small 35cm 80cm 35cm
Medium 42cm 84cm 37cm
Large 45cm 102cm 47cm
X-Large 50cm 120cm 59cm
XX-Large 58cm 135cm 67cm
XXX-Large 64cm 156cm 74cm