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Horses are complex, particular and often expensive pets to own. We are mindful of these amazing animals’ many intricacies and individualities. It is because of this that we strive to bring you horse products that are versatile, well made, and don’t have to cost more than is already required of us to keep these beautiful beings happy.

Our products cover all four seasons – from winter necessities like waterproof blankets, reflective boots and stable duvets; to the much-needed summer supplies such as fly protection, breathable dry-tech numnahs, and lightweight sheets. Our holistic horse collection isn’t just made up of the required seasonal supplies, though; Creature Comforts has got all your showing needs covered, too.

Our numnahs are as custom-made as you can get – endless colour varieties, fabric choices of satin or velvet or cotton, trim options of bling or piping or rope – these unique quilted numnahs offer everything and then a little more on top!

A horse and their rider are both a pair and a team, so it is only fitting that our range provides for them, too. From travel gear, to show accessories, to protective wear; we have something here for every rider. We know just how important it is to keep one’s tack in the best possible condition, hence our extensive collection of bags and fitted covers for the most effective preservation of all your essential gear. On top of this, products like our jacket bags, number vests and skull caps ensure that the rider’s gear is just as pristine as the horse’s. These products are must-haves for those who travel regularly with their horses and tack; effortlessly keeping your possessions clean, neatly together, safe and protected.

Enjoy shopping by category or simply peruse through it all – either way, we’re positive that you will find something that excites and inspires both you and your horse.