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How do I tell which of the many dog beds on offer mine will like the best?

If the jacket was custom made and incorrect measurements were given, or if the incorrect size was selected on the website, we will replace the jacket for a small replacement fee. If the fault was our own, we will amend or replace the jacket free of charge.

It’s great that the dog bed covers are mostly all machine washable, but what about the inners?

The inners of our dog beds can be washed, yes, though not in the machine. It is also not necessary to wash the inners unless in the case of an accident on the bed. They may be washed in the basin or bath, and left to dry for a few days.

What size horse blanket should I get based on my horse’s height (hh)?

The overall body shape of horses varies greatly; the shoulder width, back length and hindquarter size will all play a role in the size of blanket you should be getting. We strongly urge customers to measure their horse for their blanket size (you can use our measurement guide for this – link here). Below is a very rough and general guideline only if measurement is not possible:
– 14hh or below = 125cm or smaller
– 15hh = 125cm – 135cm
– 16hh = 140cm – 155cm
– 17hh = 155cm – 160cm
– 18hh = 160cm – 165cm

What if my dog jacket arrives and it doesn’t fit?

If the jacket was custom made and incorrect measurements were given, or if the incorrect size was selected on the website, we will replace the jacket for a small replacement fee. If the fault was our own, we will amend or replace the jacket free of charge.

Is the Sherpa fleece dog jacket significantly warmer than the standard polar fleece?

Yes, the Sherpa is certainly the better option for very cold weather. The weight of the standard fleece is 230gm, and the Sherpa is 300gm. The added weight provides significantly more warmth for the animal, and the added thickness of the fleece means that your pet is made that much cozier when wearing their jacket.

There are various fly mask options here – I want my horse well protected, but don’t want to overdo it if it’s not necessary. How do I decide between all these?

Horses prone to sunburn, especially those that are pale in colour, require more coverage than most. Those with a pale muzzle should wear a fly mask with a nose piece – our nose piece flares away from the horse’s muzzle so as to avoid irritation, and they do not retain water from the horse drinking. Horses with sensitive ears, and/or ears that are prone to midgets and flies landing there, will require fly masks with ear pieces. For those slightly mischievous horses, or those that are living amongst trees or fences where getting hooked and stuck are real concerns, we recommend our fly fringe – the simple fitting of the fringe makes catching on branches or other objects basically impossible.

The size of the storage cube is great, but I’m worried that filling it up will cause it to bear too much weight and tear. Is the bag strong enough to carry a substantial load?

These bags are designed for just this, so worry not. The diamond embossed (Cordura) fabric that they are made from is high quality and ensures good stability. It is 420gm in weight, making it strong and durable. The PVC is not only 100% waterproof, but the technology of the fabric is also designed specifically for luggage and military wear. Overall, this material is known for its toughness!

My horse’s boots are always sandy and/or muddy after I ride – if I put them in the drawstring boot bags then, will they not go mouldy?

We encourage riders to always rinse their boots under water after a dirty or muddy ride; but no, the beauty of our boot bags is that they are designed for just that. They are spacious enough for the boots to not squish and press together, and the specially breathable mesh material that they are made from allows for maximum airflow – your boots are sure to be clean and dry in time for your next ride.

Will the Sherpa lining of my waterproof fleece jacket remain protected in the rain and wind? I don’t want the fleece getting damaged in bad conditions.

Yes, the waterproof outer layer fully encompasses and protects the Sherpa fleece underneath, so your pooch will stay dry and warm, as will the Sherpa layer.

Do any of your products contain real fur?

No! As huge animal lovers ourselves, we make use of faux fur only.

I have a nervous dog/cat that doesn’t react well to sounds – are your pet beds noisy when animals get into or onto them?

Our beds do not make noise when getting in or shifting around – the most silent of them would be the Slumber Pet Bed, the Cozy Comforter or the Classic Pet Pillow with fleece covering.

My dog is too hot/cold when they sleep, is there anything your dog beds would do to help this?

Yes! Our large variety of dog beds includes those with cooling properties, and those with heating properties. Our Snuggle Sleeper or Cuddle Cup beds are ideal for those battling with shivering cold, and our Outdoor Crash Pad or Kennel Pad beds are great for dogs prone to slight overheating.

Despite the cold weather, I am not sure that I need a quarter sheet for my horse. Should I bother? My horse seems fine.

Your horse may seem okay with the cold, as horses don’t begin to shiver as easily as many other animals. But that is not to say that they aren’t cold! If they are clipped, they definitely need one, and non-clipped horses should have one for winter exercise sessions anyway. Our quarter sheets (both the waterproof and fleece, but the waterproof is essential for keeping tack dry and protected when riding in the rain) ensure that your horse’s back and hind end will remain warm during cold winter workouts. This, in turn, prevents the rapid cooling of muscles which can lead to chilling and cramping.

Are Creature Comforts products sold anywhere in store?

Yes! You can currently find select Creature Comforts products (typically dog jackets and dog beds) at Steenberg Vet, Alphen Veterinary Hospital in Constantia, PlumPets in Plumstead, Vet Love Pet in Lakeside, About Cats & Dogs in Sun Valley, and Doggy Doo in Retreat. We recommend you call these stores first to avoid disappointment. Additionally, our headquarters in Fish Hoek welcomes customers who would like to pop in for a chat (during business hours of course), a look around, or even a fitting with your pooch to see what works!