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They are our best friends after all – and who doesn’t love to spoil their bestie?

Our unique, exciting and varied dog range has something for every breed, age, size, and more importantly, owner! Whether you are looking for something fundamental or simply just fun, we’ve got you covered. Our wide range of products offer both, and both in abundance!

Keeping in tune with our name, your pet’s comfort is our main goal. You only have to browse through our huge range of dog beds, mat, pillow and pad products to see this.

Our various beds are even further inclusive with our diverse fabric options, from suede to fleece to waterproof – you are unlikely not to find what suits both you and your pup perfectly.

For the furry friends that are sensitive to South Africa’s famously unpredictable weather, we have the coziest, cutest dog jackets in every colour, pattern and material they could possibly need or want. For the owners who want their pups sleeping comfortably but don’t want their homes appearing disordered or messy, our large array of differently covered, styled and shaped beds ensures that there is something to suit every household’s look.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and start exploring these amazing and extensive options that simply aren’t offered in pet stores.

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