Technical Dressage Pads

Suede twill outer shell

Dry tech fabric underneath
Custom sizes,
Dressage, GP, Close contact.
All colours edge trim.
Various colour rope trim.
Matching or contrasting quilting stitching.



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Product Description

All numnahs can be embroidered with horse’s name or sponsor’s logo.
Logo’s and or names to be quoted.
This numnah is designed with the horses comfort in mind. It has a high cantle and wither shape to help lift the pad into the saddle allowing a channel for air flow.
This shape combined with the suede helps the saddle stay in place no matter what you do with your horse.
The extra double thickness keeps your horses back well padded
The quilted channels along the numnah allow for better airflow along the sides
Dry tech fabric underneath help with more efficient wicking properties pulling the horses sweat up through the numnah of the horses back.

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